Google Travel app beta

Not long ago, Google made some improvements to its mobile search platform, introducing a new vacation planning Destination feature. It now appears that Google is taking this one step further with a dedicated travel app, but it’s not quite ready for for a public release just yet.

Instead, the app is currently in testing for members of the Google Maps local Guides program. The app is able to collect the various details about your trips, such as flights, hotels or dinner reservations, and keeps them organized in a single place that can be accessed even when you’re offline.

As well as saving your travel plans, Google’s app can offer up a range of related suggestions too. Tapping on a saved destination presents users with Reservations, Things to do, Saved places, Food & drink, Getting around, and Need to know options. These can be used to find new things to do on a trip and will even offer up travel routes, including public transport options, for moving between places of interest.

Google Travel app beta 2

Google’s travel app works by sifting through information in your Gmail inbox, in a very similar way to Google Now and Inbox’s Travel bundles features. If customers aren’t using Gmail, they can also add their own trips by clicking on the FAB in the bottom right of the app and plugging in the details themselves.

You can’t download the app from the Google Play Store yet, but if you fancy your chances, you might be able to hop into the beta if you sign up for Local Guides.

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