It’s a bit of a pain for smartphone owners to quickly take a screenshot of their current display to share with others. The default method of pressing the volume down button and the power button at the same time can be hit and miss. Now, a new feature has been added to Google Assistant that allows the virtual companion to be a very simply way to make a quick screenshot of your phone.

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As reported by 9to5Google, the server-side update now lets users who activate Google Assistant to either say or type out, “OK Google, take a screenshot”. The image that’s directly behind the Google Assistant screen is the one that will be used for the screenshot, and after it appears, Google Assistant brings up the share menu automatically so you can quickly share the image with family and friends online.

The screenshots that are created with the help of Google Assistant also get rid of the bottom navigation buttons, along with any notification logos that you might have active on top of the display. The screenshot button that was previously included with Assistant is now gone with this update. For people who want to take screenshots quickly, with no button pushing required, this will certainly be a welcome update for Google’s virtual helper.