Google’s search app is among the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store, with well over 5 million reviews and 1 billion downloads. It is also an app we don’t pay too much attention to, though. Mostly because it is in every Android phone and we tend to stick to the search bar widget, as opposed to actually going into the app, but the latest rumored update might entice you to go into the Google app more often.

Reports show Google is testing a new interface that may make the application much more helpful for finding things, both online and within your phone. This update is showing up for beta testers using version on Android 6.0.1, but it seems not everyone is getting it yet, which could suggest it is being enabled through a server switch, as opposed to an actual app update.

The new interface displays a series of tabs categorizing your search results. These are labeled much like Google’s homepage. There are tabs for “All”, “Images”, “Maps”, “In Apps”, “Videos”, “News”, “Shopping” and more. There seems to even be an app drawer!

If you aren’t signed up for the Google beta program, you can do so by becoming a tester through the button right below. We are not seeing the changes just yet, but if you are please hit the comments to let us know how the new UI is treating you. Are you seeing the new interface?

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