Gmail update - Gmail app on a Google Pixel 3 smartphone

Google is rolling out a Gmail update to help prevent email phishing attacks on Android devices.

Phishing is a type of scam where users are duped into revealing personal details by a source masquerading as a trusted website or contact. This often happens via email where users are linked to an external site to enter their login information. If users proceed, they would hand over their account details to the scammers who could then take control of it.

Following this recent update, if Google suspects the site being directed to is a phishing website, it will warn the user before they click the external link with the message below:

This update comes after a Gmail phishing scam where users were invited to shared documents seemingly by people that they know. Though phishing emails often display some tell-tale warning signs, in this case, they looked quite authentic.

Google said this scam lasted for only about an hour, and that “fewer than 0.1 percent of Gmail users” were affected, but that still means it could have reached up to a million or so individuals. Google has since disabled the malicious accounts.

Though the new Gmail measures should go some way to helping users stay safe, there is still a lot of potential for people to have account details stolen online; you should always avoid clicking email links that you’re unsure about. If you weren’t expecting a shared document from a friend, ask them about it before opening it. Also, you can easily reach websites via your web browser if you’re unsure about opening a specific email link. And, as you hopefully know by now, companies never ask for passwords — so never hand them out.

You can download Gmail for Android via the link below, or you can search for it in the Play Store yourself too.

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Google is rolling out a Gmail update to help prevent email phishing attacks on Android devices.

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