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Learn how to capture Slimer and others in Ghostbusters World with these tips and tricks

Finding yourself afraid of ghosts? With these useful pointers up your sleeve, you'll be fearless in no time!

Published onOctober 30, 2018

In the new mobile AR game, Ghostbusters World, you can take your phone into the real world to find and capture all sorts of ghosts and apparitions in order to avoid a disaster of biblical proportions. Before you heat up your proton packs and begin the hunt for something strange in your neighborhood, you might need some help to level up your ghostbusting skills in order to catch as many ghosts as you can.

Thankfully, there are lots of tips and tricks you can learn before venturing outside to play Ghostbusters World. Here are just a few of them to know before you power up your (virtual) unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your phone.

  • You can gain extra XP in the game whenever you capture a ghost for the first time and register it to your Tobin’s Spirit Guide, which can be accessed from the map screen. Check in on Tobin’s Guide throughout your adventure to see which ghosts you’ve captured so far and learn about each ghost’s individual history and lore.
  • Dimensional Doors are based on Google Points of Interest, but if there’s no Dimensional Door near you in the game, you can put down your own personal “Remote Gate” on the map. This means that no matter where you are based, you can regularly collect rewards and items. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to move the gate freely once it’s installed, so you might want to put it near a location in the real world where you know you will be often, such as your home, school or workplace.
  • When playing in the “AR Off” mode, you can also change the way you control the beam by going into the “Settings” menu. If you select “Virtual Pad,” you can use your thumb like a joystick for directing the beam during battles rather than the standard “Tilt” aiming controls.

[aa_image src="" width="840" height="352" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-918937"]

  • You can also switch between right-handed and left-handed controls for whichever is more comfortable for your play style, located in the “Settings” menu under the “Battle” tab.
  • If you’re eager to hunt down some more ghosts, you can access the “Ghost Tracker” from the right sidebar on the map screen to see a list of which ghosts are trackable (visible on the map) in the area. It also shows other ghosts that may appear near your location.
  • On a ghost’s details page within the Ghost Collection, there’s a handy “Stats Comparison” button located at the bottom of the screen. You can use this feature to compare one ghost’s stats against another’s in your collection, and even view how their stats would compare at maximum level. This can help you choose which ghost to level up and which to destabilize!
  • Each ghost is associated with a certain element in the game, and each element has its strengths and weaknesses. If you’re having trouble defeating enemies in a ghost team battle, you can try substituting different ghosts on your team that have a better elemental match-up. For example, if you’re facing a difficult team of Fire-type ghosts, putting some Water-type ghosts on your team may help even the odds.
Each ghost is associated with a certain element in the game
  • Ghosts of Light and Dark-type elements are normally very rare to find on the map, but you can activate your Ecto-Goggles in the game to significantly increase your chances of encountering (and capturing) them. You can find the Ecto-Goggles on the right sidebar on your map screen.
  • Make sure you research equipment upgrades regularly in your game in the “Character & Equipment” menu. If you have better in-game weapons, it can make a big difference in successfully busting ghosts, especially when facing stronger ghosts and bosses.
  • When the “Counter” button displays in a Capture battle, be sure to tap on it quickly to stop the ghost’s attack and deal it extra damage.
  • You can’t Counter bosses’ attacks in the same way as a normal ghost’s. However, bosses spend time readying their attacks, and this is when you can attack the highlighted target spot. If you deal enough damage to the target, you can even cancel the boss’ attack and expose a weak point. If you’re having trouble dealing enough damage to disrupt a boss’ attacks, consider upgrading your weapons further, using weapons that feature limited (but more powerful) ammo, and — for Multiplayer bosses — recruiting up to three teammates.

[aa_image src="" width="840" height="336" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-918936"]

  • While restraining a ghost with the capture stream, the “Slam” button will appear in the game, allowing you to daze the ghost for a couple of seconds. While a ghost is dazed from a slam, it’s much easier to hold over a trap to capture it.
  • Your ghosts will level up gradually from participating in ghost team battles, but you can also speed up the process by manually leveling-up your ghosts with PKE Crystals. These crystals can be earned by defeating ghosts in capture battles and by completing various missions and challenges.
  • All ghosts in Ghostbusters World have a level, rank, and letter grade that affects their overall stats. You can upgrade a ghost’s level and rank over time, but its letter grade (S > A > B > C > D) is determined when you first add the ghost to your collection and can’t be changed. Ghosts with a higher letter grade have a higher maximum level so it may be worth upgrading your S grade ghosts first. To consistently find ghosts at higher letter grades, you’ll need to keep busting them in the game!
It's worth upgrading your S-grade ghosts first
  • Even if you run out of traps, you can still patrol your neighborhood for ghosts in Ghostbusters World. Weapons like the Boson Caster, Meson Collider, and Shock Blast Emitter can destabilize ghosts. So as long as you still have ammo for those weapons, you can destabilize ghosts for different rewards than you’d receive for capturing them.
  • Make sure you regularly check your “Missions” for Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and milestone Challenges. Completing these will get you useful rewards but if you don’t receive your reward immediately, check your Mail! It may have been sent there instead.
  • Ghostbusters World has a Story Mode, which you can set to “Easy.” However, once you complete it, the adventure doesn’t have to end there. You can challenge it again by setting Story Mode to “Normal” or even “Hard” difficulties. You will get better rewards when you complete the mode on those two higher settings.

Again, these are just some of the tips and tricks you can use while playing Ghostbusters World. Good luck in ridding the world of evil spirits, apparitions and other similar entities. You will definitely not be afraid of no ghosts in the game when equipped with these tips.

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