Gboard update

  • Google may be about to add a new automatic search function to Gboard.
  • The feature is said to let you know when Gboard thinks it has found something relevant to what you are typing.
  • It hasn’t been given a full release yet, however. 

Google appears to be testing a new automatic search function on Gboard. According to Android Police, the feature sees Gboard make suggestions for searches, GIFs, and other content based on what the user is typing. When Gboard has something useful, the Google icon in the top left corner of the keyboard transforms into a logo relevant to the content it has found.

Android Police gave two examples of the feature in action. In the first, the Google logo turned into a GIF icon when the user typed the phrase “works for me.” Tapping the icon brought up a list of GIFs and stickers related to the phrase. In the second, the logo turned into a search icon when the user typed the name “Emily Ratajkowski.” Tapping the search icon performed a search for the celebrity within the keyboard.

Gboard automatic search

Android Police

Gboard already gives users the option to search the internet or search for GIFs within the keyboard. However, you currently have to navigate to the correct section of the app and perform the search yourself.

I rarely use Gboard’s existing method of searching. However, I am sure if the keyboard lets me know when it has found something useful in the background, I will end up using the feature a lot more often. Assuming it doesn’t get too annoying, that is.

Unfortunately, the feature appears to be still a server-side test. This means that you may not see it yet, even if you are running the latest beta version of the keyboard. However, it seems to be pretty useful so, hopefully, Google will start to roll it out soon.

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