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According to multiple industry sources, Samsung is mulling over the pros and cons of adopting pressure sensitive display technology for next year’s Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. However, it’s not clear how far Samsung will integrate the technology into its software, and may instead take another year or two before fully adopting the technology.

Pressure sensitive displays also go by the name of Force Touch or 3D Touch. Such a technology would allow Samsung to offer additional contextual options and features to users by allowing them to apply different amounts of pressure to the displays. Useful examples could include quickly zooming in on photos or creating app shortcuts for the desktop.

In addition to this report, a senior executive in Samsung’s component division has confirmed that the company is working on force touch display technology for future devices. Samsung has made a number of large investments into research and manufacturing facilities for its display division this year, and so certainly has the resources to develop this technology in house.

“Samsung is mulling to adopt the force touch technology partially from the S8 but the full adoption will come in one or two years … It is a matter of time before other major Android smartphone makers deploy the technology that will help enhance user interface.” – anonymous Samsung supplier
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If this report turns out to be true, the Galaxy S8 would not be the first smartphone to feature a pressure sensitive display. The technology first appeared inside the Huawei Mate S in September last year, followed up quickly by the iPhone 6S, and similar technology also appeared in the Meizu Pro 6s. While somewhat useful, this technology doesn’t appear to have become a must have feature for many consumers. At least not yet.

Would you make use of a pressure sensitive display if Samsung included one inside its Galaxy S8?