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Report: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge for T-Mobile receiving Android 5.1.1

While a small roll-out allegedly took place some weeks ago, it seems the official push is now on the path to your phone assuming you have T-Mobile at least.

Published onJune 15, 2015


Flashback all the way to the end of April when reports were coming in that T-Mobile was updating the Galaxy S6 Edge to Android 5.1.1. While T-Mobile itself wasn’t too keen on discussing the matter, it would appear that the roll-out is now going full-steam, even if the uncarrier isn’t loosening its lips at all. The staff at SamMobile are reporting that the 635.49MB update is now available OTA or via Kies. Both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge are eligible. All those interested may want to check out the preview which shows off all the features mentioned below:

The update brings with it several new features, including:

  • Guest Mode, a feature that has been present on stock Android for some time now (as well as some Samsung tablets) allows you to create a separate user profile for additional family members or friends who want to use your device, but can only do so in a restricted fashion. Said guests can operate the phone sans the ability to look at your sensitive data (e-mails and texts for example), and content they create will be deleted upon return to the standard user.
  • Another feature that has been widely reported is, ironically, one that has been on the device from the get-go. “Parallax Effect” which gives the impression the background is moving beneath the icons, was present whenever you chose to use a background image that wasn’t one of the pre-installed set. What is different now, however, is that the pre-installed backgrounds can now be toggled to make use of the parallax visuals. Additionally, it would seem the effect can be turned off for your manually selected backgrounds, a feature that wasn’t originally available.
  • When customizing the Notification Shade’s quick settings now, the option to remove both the S-Finder and Quick Connect options are included, thus producing an even less cluttered drop-down.
  • For those interested in the camera, the ability to change the exposure is now included. After choosing a point to focus on, simply slide your finger up or down to alter the exposure. Whereas it was once believed that this update would include the ability to capture images in RAW – a feature the LG G4 currently has – it is not present, and a new report suggests it won’t appear until the alleged Galaxy S6 Plus hits stores.
  • Additionally, there is now the ability to sort the app draw alphabetically, a feature that some found perplexing in its absence from the TouchWiz build that originally shipped.

As mentioned earlier, T-Mobile itself has yet to issue a press release to detail the contents of this update, and we have yet to hear of any other carrier or territory receiving the update, even in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. Just how it is T-Mobile managed to get this out the door so quickly is a mystery indeed, though it’s doubtful anyone will complain given the quick turnaround.