Update, June 4, 10:58am EST: A report from earlier this week suggests Samsung is planning to release a 5.7-inch Galaxy S6 Plus in August. However, the ETNews report suggests there is some uncertainty around the design of the device. Samsung is worried that its release will create confusion with the Note 5. As such, Samsung may chose to increase the size of the Note 5.

Original post, June 4, 06:54am EST: Rumors of a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge have been swirling for a while, but now we’ve got some resemblance of proof thanks to beloved YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a.k.a MKBHD.

First, let’s back up a little. SamMobile first reported about a month ago on a device known initially as Project Zen, and then as Project Zero 2. This Project Zero 2 device bears the SM-G928 code number and is reportedly a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, featuring a 5.5-inch display. This device was initially rumored to launch during IFA, in September.

Earlier this week, Italian tech blog HDBlog claimed that Project Zero 2 would launch in the coming weeks under the Galaxy S6 Plus moniker. Given the rather vague nature of the report and the fact that there was no evidence supporting it, we decided to skip it.

Now Galaxy S6 Plus makes a surprise appearance at the end of a MKBHD video on the HTC One M9+.

Marques says he receives the images from an anonymous source, without offering any further details. With that said, the YouTuber seems certain that this is indeed the Galaxy S6 Plus.

Now MKBHD is highly trustworthy when it comes to reviews, but he’s not known as someone who breaks news and leaks unannounced products. And the images are very ambiguous – it’s hard to tell whether this is indeed a new, larger device, or just the Galaxy S6 Edge. The only different detail that we spotted is the chrome ring around the flash/HRM module, which is more rounded in the MKBHD image, compared to the squarish design of the Edge. But even that is hardly conclusive proof that we’re looking at a new device.

According to SamMobile, the Zero 2 will feature a ~5.5-inch display Quad HD dual-edge AMOLED screen and a Snapdragon 808 processor. That’s the same processor as in the LG G4, and a move from the homemade Exynos processor powering the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The question remains, why would Samsung want to release a new flagship in the size gap between the S series and the Note series? It’s possible that the Korean giant is trying to capitalize on the success of the S6 Edge (which, reports claim, is selling much better than Samsung has anticipated) by releasing a larger phone of the same design.

Again, there’s still zero conclusive evidence that the Galaxy S6 Plus is coming. But say it’s a real product, what are your thoughts on it?