By now chances are those interested in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 have formed one of two opinions of the device: love or hate. While the decision to finally go with metal and glass might be a welcomed change for some, the sacrifice of a removable battery and microSD means pure hatred for others, and the lack of waterproofing (a key feature billed from the S5) has yet more fans up-in-arms. All eyes have been looking to the horizon as word has leaked about the Galaxy S6 Active and the possibilities it might bring (back).

While we strongly advise you to treat this as a rumor, one European redditor, garshol, claimed he had an interview with a Samsung Europe representative. Several key details were revealed which may be of great interest not only to those bummed out by the S6, but for those looking for answers from Samsung’s shocking switch.

Will the Galaxy S6 Active also contain hard physical buttons like the S5 Active did? Possibly.

1. With respect to the Galaxy Galaxy S6 Active:

  • There will be no fingerprint reader or heart rate monitor.
  • The camera will be of lower resolution than the S6. OIS may be included.
  • It will be similar in specs to those of the Galaxy S6.
  • There will be buttons on the front.
  • MicroSD card support will be included.
  • The battery will definitely be bigger
  • It will release mid-summer 2015

While nothing was mentioned in regards to waterproofing, it can be assumed the device will retain the feature given the “Active” moniker. We also expect the front buttons to be of a physical, hard clicky nature similar to that on the S5 Active. It is unclear as to if the device will also contain a quick access button a la the S5 Active.

2. With respect to the removal of waterproofing from the S6, it was done in light of unfavorable market study results wherein respondents indicated they weren’t pleased with the Micro-USB port cover. This issue in particular seems rather questionable given that Samsung did in fact, implement waterproofing on the Galaxy S5 Mini sans the need for a door to protect the USB port.

3. With respect to the removal of microSD card support, it was indicated that Samsung wanted to make its product more comparable to those of of its competitors  in terms of design, storage options, and “core functionality.” The removal of waterproofing was also cited here. The trade off was said to be made in favor of allowing more components to be included internally such as extra storage modules.

This issue is also a bit curious as removing key features that elevate the Galaxy series beyond the iPhone would seemingly be of an important concern for Samsung, but garshol indicated later in the thread that, according to the representative, it would have been possible to include a microSD slot along the top of the device but it would have compromised the design. This leads us to believe that Samsung was intent on making a product that could be seen as blow-for-blow with the iPhone in terms of design.

Please remember that none of what has been presented here has been confirmed by Samsung, and is thereby a purported account of an exchange that took place between a reddit user and a Samsung representative. With that said, the information meshes well with the previous report about the Galaxy S6 Active and seems reasonably credible.

Let us know your thoughts!