samsung galaxy s4 google play edition aa standing back

For owners of GPe devices, a pure Nexus-like experience is the name of the game. While some GPe devices have already seen their update to Lollipop (namely those manufactured by HTC), owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition (GPe) have been left in limbo for the past few weeks salivating over some hard candy.

The wait is over, as the GPe S4 is now receiving Android. 5.0.0 to be exact, thus unfortunately there is still going to be some delay if/when the 5.0.1 bug fix update trickles down. Samsung owners should make sure to check their phones over the next couple of days/weeks and prepare to bask in the material world that we are now living in.

For those that have already received Lollipop on the GS4 GPe, what do you think so far?