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(Update: "Blue Coral") More Galaxy Note 7 details leak: 64GB and color variants

Evan Blass follows up his logo leak with some specs for the Galaxy Note 7 including storage size and color choices! Groovy.

Published onJune 26, 2016

Update (June 26th): It looks like the logo that was leaked over the weekend is actually indicative of more than what one might have initially expected:

Note 7

The above was discovered by who has posted the above image, which appears to come from an application filing. The name “Blue Coral” can clearly be seen, which would definitely seek to explain just why the logo (seen below) has a blue “Note7” portion. It’s possible that Samsung will be color-coding all the different variants. While nothing can be confirmed obviously, it can be inferred that the shade of blue that the Galaxy Note 7 will allegedly come in, looks to be similar to that of last year’s Galaxy S6 standard edition, which was referred to as “Blue Topaz”.

Seems that those hoping of a much, much deeper color creation – similar to the original Note – may be out of luck.


Galaxy Note 7 logo

(Original Story) Yesterday, veteran leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) procured what is presumably going to be the logo for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The image seemingly confirms the idea of the inevitable: there will be no six to add into the mix, rather South Korea’s largest OEM is seemingly going to skip it to synchronize with the Galaxy S7 mainstream flagship. Shortly after that was posted on Twitter however, Blass followed up with some more madness:

Most of the above isn’t actually “new” in that reports have been circulating for some time about the screen size, camera details, waterproofing, and microSD support. What is potentially new however are two important ideas:

Storage situation

The mention of 64GB on-board storage. While the Tweet is sadly does not specify anything specific, the idea that Samsung may make 64GB the standard “defacto” storage option would be a major shock for the industry. Companies like Apple continue to release expensive handsets that have but 16GB of on-board disk space despite growing demand for a bare-minimum of 32GB. If Samsung can actually launch this product with double that as standard, it will not only bring the heat for rival OEMs, but also elevate the device itself in terms of the perceived value among shoppers.

Of course, it’s also possible (if not more likely) that there will be a 64GB option, which means 32GB might be the standard and those willing to spring for more storage can do so. At the very least, choice is better than nothing at all.

Color choices

samsung galaxy alpha press shots (7)
Samsung had a Blue Galaxy Alpha

That there would be a black and silver colored Note 7 doesn’t seem that shocking as both shades were seen on the Galaxy S7. Still, last year’s Note 5 did not have a pure black option, rather just the “blue” black standard. The real talking point is the idea of a Blue color option. Would it be a shade similar to the Galaxy Alpha, which had a more “ocean blue” type shade, or would it be the slightly lighter color like the Galaxy S6 standard had? Alternatively, could it be more of a dark blue similar to what the original Galaxy Note offered?

Not mentioned however are the other color variants, namely white and gold, the latter of which has seemingly become very popular these days given its now near ubiquitous availability on every smartphone under the sun.

Galaxy S6 Blue Topaz
And a slightly lighter-shade of blue with the Galaxy S6.

Also not mentioned, but almost inevitable: the prerequisite Rose Gold (read: Pink) do-up that has begun to appear everywhere for totally unknown reasons, and which Samsung has a history of announcing months after the initial product launch. In Samsung’s defense however, it does have a long history of Pink products, as even the Galaxy S3 saw said shade sold.

Wrap Up

What do you think about today’s news? Does the storage or potential color options have you eager for more? Leave a comment below!

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