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How much does it cost to repair the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

What happens if you need to replace a Note 5 battery, screen, other component? How much will it cost and where should you go? Let's take a look.

Published onSeptember 1, 2017

note 5 screen replacement

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is far from a spring chicken these days, even now it has pretty decent internals that easily keep up with today’s higher-end mid-range devices. Still, now that it is aging, things could certainly start to go wrong, and unlike the Note 4 and earlier, the Note 5 doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery. You might also want to get a Galaxy Note 5 screen replacement.

So what happens if you need to replace a battery, screen, other component? How much will it cost and where should you go? Let’s take a look.

DIY Battery, Back Cover and Screen Repair

The back of the device is a piece of glass that is glued down and fairly hard to get off, however it can be done. Replacing the battery yourself will run you around $52 in supplies (including a heat gun) + the battery itself, which can be found for about $22. Popular smartphone repair site iFixit has plenty of guides on replacing various parts of the device yourself, but be aware that due to the nature of the Note 5’s build, DIY may not be the best option if you’re new to smartphone repair.


If you want to get a Galaxy Note 5 screen replacement, you have two options. If you replace the whole display, the screen and digitizer assembly is around $200 on most online retailers anyway, so it may be better just to send your device to Samsung, if you have that option available.

However, if the touchscreen and display still work, you may be able to get away with only replacing the front glass lens, which costs around $22 on its own, not including the supplies you’ll need (although, if you’re doing multiple repairs, the supplies will be pretty similar across all of the repairs and can be used multiple times). Finally, if you do want to replace a cracked back cover, it’ll cost about $40 for the glass cover itself.

Repair Stores or official Samsung Repair


Repair costs vary between repair shops, however it shouldn’t be more than what Samsung charges and, in most cases, it’ll be a good deal cheaper. Unfortunately it is hard to tell you an exact price, and so you’ll need to go to a local shop or call them in order to get a proper quote.

If you’d like to have Samsung repair your device, you can get a Galaxy Note 5 screen replacement (assuming that the damage is out of warranty) for $199, the same price as the replacement on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Regarding the Note 5 battery replacement, Samsung’s support team stated that they “wouldn’t be able to speculate on this”, when asked how much it would cost to replace a Note 5 battery out of warranty.

However, it’s most likely that the  Galaxy Note 5 battery replacement is not significantly higher, if at all, than the $45 Samsung charges for the S6/S6 Edge, seeing as the build of the devices are incredibly similar.

If you live in a few key locations in Canada or the United States, you can even head to the service center yourself and get it repaired on the same day.

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