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The Galaxy Note 4 is only coming in October, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait another month to test out some of the apps the new Note comes loaded with.

Thanks to XDA forum user Albe95, you can now download and sideload many apps from the Note 4, including Task Manager, S Memo, S Health and more. It appears that Albe95 changed the build.prop file on his device to trick Samsung’s servers into sending him the updated apps, so you’ll still have to wait for a full system dump.

These apps are available as apk files that you can sideload on your device, as long as you have the “Install from Unknown Sources” option checked. Of course, you will need a modern TouchWiz device to even get a shot at running these applications, though some of them may run on different ROMs as well. Backing up your system is highly recommended!

The complete list of Note 4 apps published by Albe95:

  • Note 4 S Voice
  • Note 4 S Health
  • Note 4 Smart Remote
  • Note 4 GeoNews
  • Note 4 Galaxy Apps Widget
  • Note 4 Task Manager
  • Samsung Gear Manager
  • Snapbiz Card
  • All Together
  • S Memo
  • Story Album
  • Easy Chart for S Note

Backing up your system is highly recommended! Again, there’s no guarantee that these Note 4 apps will run correctly on your device, but if you’re willing to give it a try, head over to the original XDA thread for more info and download links.

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