Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-red gold render

Samsung spearheaded the practice of offering flagship devices in multiple colors, carefully timing the release of new models to generate buzz throughout the lifetime of the device.

The Note 3 is no exception – Samsung is currently offering the S Pen-enabled device in the classic black and white options (we especially liked the black version in our review), along with a Blush Pink version that’s been a bit harder to find in stores.

Sam Mobile is reporting with some insider information about two new color versions coming in early 2014. A red version of the Galaxy Note 3 will become available in the first week of the year, with a white gold version set to follow two weeks later. These are tentative dates, so slight changes may intervene. Both versions will be offered worldwide, but some carriers or retailers may obtain periods of exclusivity, especially in the US.

We played a bit with the Hue/Saturation tool in Photoshop, et voila, our original and highly artistic renditions of the red and white gold versions of the Note 3.


If you can’t wait till 2014 for your Note 3, here’s a quick comparison between the three currently available color options of the Galaxy Note 3.

What’s your favorite version?