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Free Vudu movies: Here are the best ones to check out

There are plenty of movies worth your time on Vudu, but you'll have to watch some ads.

Published onOctober 26, 2022

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Vudu offers movie fans a way to purchase or rent both the latest movies as well as lots of recent and classic films on their smartphone, tablet, or big-screen TV. But did you know there are also free Vudu movies you can enjoy? Vudu has thousands of films that you can stream or download for the low price of absolutely nothing. If you are stuck at home and want to save some cash for your streaming entertainment, that’s great news.

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The catch is that you will have to deal with ads occasionally interrupting your movie experience. However, unlike broadcast or most basic cable TV showings of feature films, the ones on Vudu are complete and uncut. Even better, if you end up liking the movie, you can purchase it on Vudu to watch it completely ad-free. So what are the best free Vudu movies at the moment?

Best free Vudu movies

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list as more free Vudu movies are released and others are removed.

The Wave

This 2015 film from Norway is a different kind of disaster film. Usually, those kinds of movies take place in a big city. In this case, it’s a relatively small town, but it’s nearly an unstable mountain pass. That pass collapses in the movie and causes another nearby fjord to generate a massive tsunami that’s over 260 feet high. There are some spectacular visuals of the huge wave in this movie. Keep in mind that this kind of scenario could actually happen in Norway one day. It’s definitely one of the best free Vudu movies you can watch.


Dark Age Cinema

Is Art the Clown, the killer who is the star of this 2016 independent horror movie, the next Freddy or Jason or Michael Myers? You can make up your own mind as you watch this free Vudu movie, with people being stalked by this very strange and scary threat. This movie got a sequel in 2022 and it reached the top 10 at the box office with little to no ads or publicity, so now you can check out the original.

Night of the Living Dead

If you have never seen this 1968 classic horror film, this is the perfect way to do so. With this small-budget release, George Romero pretty much invented the modern zombie film and TV genre.

It follows a young woman and her brother as they go to a remote cemetery to visit the grave of their late mother. However, some strange man starts attacking them. The woman managed to escape and finds her way into an empty home. It soon becomes clear that this is far more than just one crazy person on the loose. In fact, the dead are coming back to life.


Here’s another free Vudu movie that has become a cult classic. While there have been several sequels and two live-action TV show spin-offs to this movie, the original 1986 Highlander is still the best.

Christopher Lambert plays a Scottish warrior who has been alive for several hundred years. He’s managed to make it to the present day, fighting off other immortals in sword battles that end off with heads rolling. To control a mysterious prize, Lambert has to face off in the end with the other remaining immortal, a very nasty guy played by Clancy Brown.

This movie also has Sean Connery (who oddly plays a Spaniard rather than a Scotsman), and the music by Queen is excellent.


No, this isn’t a Mission Impossible movie, but it is a spy thriller. This 2015 movie, centering on the UK MI5 spy organization, is actually a continuation of the cult hit British TV series Spooks. It stars Game of Thrones and Eternals actor Kit Harrington, who must team up with MI5 to capture a terrorist before he starts an attack on London.

Stir of Echoes

Kevin Bacon gives a great performance in this 1989 cult classic horror film. He plays an ordinary man who, at a party, is asked to be hypnotized by his sister-in-law. After that, he starts to see visions of terrible violent acts. He also sees the ghost of a missing woman in the neighborhood who is thought to be dead. Then his son starts to see the same ghost. So what exactly is going on? The mystery will keep you guessing until the end.

Accident Man

This 2018 movie stars actor and martial artist Scott Adkins. He plays an assassin whose claim to fame is that he makes all his murders look like accidents. However, things get more personal when his girlfriend is killed. Now the “accident man” is determined to go after her killers, and he doesn’t plan to make them look like accidents this time.


This 2012 thriller goes into some very dark places. It stars Ann Dowd of The Handmaid’s Tale as a fast-food restaurant manager. She gets a phone call from someone who claims to be a police officer. He says one of her employees has stolen money from a customer. Dowd’s character follows the person on the other end of the phone call’s instructions on how to deal with this alleged thief. But is she doing the right thing, and is the person on the phone who he claims to be?

The Final Countdown

This 1980 film is one of the best examples of a B-movie from that era. It’s not exactly a huge blockbuster, but it has a cool premise. In 1980, the nuclear-powered US Navy aircraft carrier USS Nimitz is on patrol in the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly, a strange “storm” appears and takes the ship, and everyone on board, inside it. When it goes away, the crew discovers they have been taken back in time to just before the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Does the ship stay out of time’s way, or does the Nimitz try to keep the attack from happening? It’s basically a big-budget Twilight Zone episode, and it’s fun to watch. it’s one of the best free Vudu movies.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

This 2017 movie dramatizes the real life of Dr. William Marston. He created what is now the modern version of the lie detector machine, but he is much better known as the writer and creator of Wonder Woman. The movie shows how his life was influenced by the non-traditional relationships with his wife and one of his former students.

Free Vudu movies – honorable mentions

Here are a few more free Vudu movies that didn’t make our top list:

  • Kickboxer — Get ready for some fun, 1980s action movie style with this Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts flick.
  • When A Stranger Calls — The whole “The calls are coming from inside the house” trope comes from this terrifying 1979 thriller classic.
  • Cell — This movie, based on the Stephen King novel, centers on a cell phone call that turns whoever answers it into zombie-like creatures.
  • The Boondock Saints — A cult classic about two brothers who try to rid Boston of organized crime by becoming murderous vigilantes.
  • Cube — This is a cult classic movie about seven people who get placed inside a series of cubed rooms with death traps they must avoid.

That’s it for our list of the best free Vudu movies you can watch at the moment. We’ll add more titles to the list once they hit the store. In the meantime, you can check out our list of the best legal free movie sites and apps – Vudu is one of them!

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