best vudu free movies

Vudu offers movie fans a way to purchase or rent both the latest movies as well as tons of recent and classic films on their smartphone, tablet, or big-screen TV. But did you know there are also free Vudu movies you can enjoy? Vudu has literally thousands of films that you can stream or download for the low price of absolutely nothing. That’s great news if you are stuck at home and want to save some cash for your streaming entertainment.

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The catch is that you will have to deal with ads occasionally interrupting your movie experience. However, unlike broadcast or most basic cable TV showings of feature films, the ones on Vudu are complete and uncut. Even better, if you end up really liking the movie, you can purchase it on Vudu to watch completely ad-free. So what are the best free Vudu movies at the moment? Keep reading to find out!

Best free Vudu movies:

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list as more free Vudu movies are released and others are removed.

1. The Wave

This 2015 film from Norway is a different kind of disaster film. Usually, those kinds of movies take place in a big city. In this case, it’s a relatively small town, but it’s one that is nearby an unstable mountain pass. That pass collapses in this movie, and it causes another nearby fjord to generate a massive tsunami that’s over 260 feet high. There are some spectacular visuals of the huge wave in this movie. Keep in mind that this kind of scenario could actually happen in Norway one day.  It’s definitely one of the best Vudu free movies you can watch.

2. Fist of Fury


If you want to see the late and great Bruce Lee in full force, watch this 1972 movie. The story, about Lee’s character fighting a rival kung-fu school, doesn’t really matter that much. What matters is seeing Lee kicking, punching, and generally taking out enemies with his kung-fu fighting. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

3. Night of the Living Dead

If you have never seen this 1968 classic horror film, this is the perfect way to do so. George Romero pretty much invented the modern zombie film and TV genre with this small-budget release. It follows a young woman and her brother as they go to a remote cemetery to visit the grave of their late mother. However, some strange man starts attacking them. The woman managed to escape and finds her way into an empty home. It soon becomes clear that this is far more than just one crazy person on the loose. In fact, the dead are coming back to life.

4. Highlander

Here’s another free Vudu movie that has become a cult classic. While there have been several sequels and two live-action TV show spin-offs to this movie, the original 1986 Highlander is still the best. Christopher Lambert plays a Scottish warrior who has been alive for several hundred years. He’s managed to make it to the present day, fighting off other immortals in sword battles that end off with heads rolling. Lambert has to face off in the end with the other remaining immortal, a very nasty guy played by Clancy Brown, to control some kind of prize. This movie also has Sean Connery (who oddly plays a Spaniard rather than a Scotsman), and the music by Queen is excellent.

5. The Faculty

Director Robert Rodriguez came up with his own sci-fi/horror B-movie with this film. An alien organism lands in a small town’s school, and begins to take over its teachers and other faculty members. It’s up to a small number of the school’s students to fight off this alien invasion. There are some good scares here, and some humor as well. And yes, that is Jon Stewart and Usher in small roles.

6 Europa Report

This 2013 movie is one of those “found footage” films. Before you leave screaming, this is actually one of the better examples of that rather annoying genre of movies. In this case, this is a sci-fi film that follows a spaceship from Earth that is traveling to Jupiter. More specifically, it is going to one of the planet’s moons, the ice-covered Europa, which might actually have some kind of life underneath its ice surface. This movie tries to be more accurate than most when it comes to depicting how a real trip to Jupiter would take place.

7. A Teacher

a teacher

Credit: Oscilloscope


This 2013 indie movie didn’t get a ton of press at the time. However, its simple story of a young female high school teacher who gets intimate with one of her students has received more attention over the years. You might want to watch this free Vudu movie now, as Hulu will drop a 10-episode adaption of A Teacher on the streaming service in November.

8. The Final Countdown

This 1980 film is one of the best examples of a B-movie from that era. It’s not exactly a huge blockbuster, but it has a cool premise. In 1980, the nuclear powered US Navy aircraft carrier USS Nimitz is on patrol in the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly, a strange “storm” appears and takes the ship, and everyone on board, inside it. When it goes away, the crew discovers they have been taken back in time to just before the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Does the ship stay out of time’s way, or does the Nimitz try to keep the attack from happening? It’s basically a big-budget Twilight Zone episode, and it’s fun to watch. 

That’s it for our list of the best free Vudu movies you can watch at the moment. We’ll add more titles to the list once they hit the streaming services.