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A foldable and rollable phone? Here's one company imagining how it would look.

This concept device seems like an engineering nightmare, but is pretty cool to imagine nonetheless.

Published onJanuary 19, 2023

  • TECNO has released concept imagery of a foldable and rollable phone.
  • The phone looks like a mashup of a Galaxy Z Fold, a Galaxy Z Flip, and rollable phones that have never been widely released.
  • TECNO has no plans to create this phone, but it would be cool if it did.

At this point, foldable phones are becoming fairly common, thanks mostly to Samsung. We’ve also seen rollable phones make it all the way to the early review stage, even if none have ever been widely commercially released. What would it be like if we mixed these concepts together?

Smartphone company TECNO has imagined what a foldable and rollable phone could look like. In the video above and images below, you can see renders of this imaginary device.

Basically, the concept phone looks like a very slim and ultra-sleek Galaxy Z Fold device. On the back, it has a small display, similar to what you find on the back of the Galaxy Z Flip phones. This small display would be used for notifications, camera controls, etc.

When you open up the foldable, you can further increase screen capacity by rolling out the left side of the screen. This looks very similar to what we saw with the OPPO X 2021, the rollable phone that — so far — has made it furthest along in the release cycle.

Obviously, this is just a concept, but it also looks wildly unrealistic. The rear camera module is flush with the body of the ultra-thin device, which is basically impossible to do with modern high-end hardware. Likewise, the foldable hinge looks like it’s using technology we’ve never seen before, and mashing the foldable and rollable phone concepts together would take an engineering marvel.

Still, it’s fun to look at and imagine what the smartphone of the future could do.


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