Flipboard, the popular news aggregator, has just announced Flipboard for the Web, allowing you to view all of your news and stories from the desktop. It’s simple and exactly what you’d expect: sign in with your Flipboard account, and all of your personalized topics are ready to be seen. The new website is very pretty and features responsive layouts for different screen sizes, a new scrolling interface and interactions triggered by your mouse. The Flipboard team explains:

By developing for mobile first, we saw that content could shine again in a clean and uncluttered environment. The Web evolved, too, with things like responsive design making for easier (and prettier) reading and navigation. The vision of our founders—to bring a print-like aesthetic to digital content—could finally be realized.

Flipboard’s new website still offers a similar magazine-like interface, only users now use scrolling to navigate through pages, not the standard flipping motion Flipboard users are used to. Cover stories are still present on the web interface, bringing today’s top stories to the top of the page, sorted by Flipboard. One thing to note: part of the beauty of using the app was to view each article within Flipboard, without the need to open a web browser. On the web interface, clicking on a link opens the original web page in its own tab. This may not be the best delivery method, but the service is now live for diehard Flipboard fans.

Take a look at the introduction video above to learn more about Flipboard for the Web, or head to this link to start using the new website.

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