The Five Nights at Freddy’s game series is one of the most popular, and certainly one of the oddest, indie franchises out there. Today, the fifth game in the point-and-click horror series, Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location, has arrived for Android devices in the Google Play Store for $2.99 after a previous launch on the PC.

As with the previous games in the series, the player controls a character who has to defend himself from being by against cartoon-like animatronic characters. However, the Sister Location game differs from previous entries in the series in that the player, instead of staying in one place, must go to a number of locations at the Circus Baby’s Pizza World to complete certain tasks. The final completion of the game unlocks even more content, including a special mini-game and a new “custom night” mode.

The creator of this game series, Scott Cawthon, has not indicated if there will be a sixth installment, but we would bet that there’s more life to Five Nights at Freddy’s beyond this latest installment. Are you planning on downloading Sister Location?