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We asked, you told us: Most of your Fitbit devices don't overheat, but some do

Overall, 30% of our surveyed readers experienced some form of overheating on their Fitbits, but 70% did not.

Published onMay 10, 2022

Fitbit Charge 5 Review On Wrist Buckle
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Fitbit recently found itself in the thick of a lawsuit alleging most of its wearables have a tendency to overheat. Court documents included pictures of users with burns caused due to Fitbits and the complaint deemed the devices “unreasonably dangerous” fire hazards.

Back in March, Fitbit recalled over a million units of its Ionic smartwatch after reports of overheating and burn injuries. The new lawsuit alleges that most of the devices from the Google-owned brand share the same overheating flaw. So we thought of asking Android Authority readers who use Fitbit smartwatches and trackers to see how many of them face the same problem. Here’s how they voted in our poll.

Does your Fitbit overheat?


We received almost 7,700 votes in our poll. Most of the readers that participated in the survey voted to say that they’ve never experienced overheating on their Fitbit devices. That’s definitely good news for the company and other potential Fitbit owners.

However, 17% of the surveyed readers also said that their Fitbit wearables become extra hot at times and 5% said that the devices overheat all the time. 8% of the voters, unfortunately, experienced burn injuries from their Fitbits. If you combine these results, almost 30% of our readers report some form of overheating on their Fitbits.

Your comments

Adam Jr: I had been using Fitbit Versa watch for many years now. I had never had any problems with the watch at all. However, it may have some wear and tear due to me wearing the watch all the time or having problems with the app. But I never had any problems with my Fitbit Versa getting hot and burning my skin.

Zod: I have been wearing a Fitbit of some kind every day for over 12 years. Same with my wife and sister and none of us have ever experienced any kind of overheating…not even slightly warm. kinda wonder what these people are doing to have this happen to them.

Smanny: I think this is some users trying to hurt Fitbit sales. Trying to get them to switch to another smartwatch instead.

Tziona Greenberg: I had a Fitbit Alta, Versa, Versa 2, Charge 4, and now a Charge 5. I have not had any issues with any of them burning my skin on my wrist.

PersonaGenerator(Yu): Sometimes there is a mark and a patch of skin that gets fragile and flaky, but that’s due to having the watch on for such long periods for so long. Of course, that contact will affect the skin. Just switch wrists for a bit or take a break from wearing the watch. It’s not a burn. Also, clean your watch often and wash the part of your wrist that the watch contacts often as well.

Christopher Stanton: It doesn’t get hot to burn my skin, but I have burn-like skin reactions from allergy to its components

Jon Richelieu-Booth: My Versa 2 disintegrated. The entire front of the unit fell out of the base. Fitbit was uninterested in any form of assistance so I retired it and went to Garmin five Months ago.

Amanda: I have the same issue with the HUAWEI Elegance smartwatch. This left me with three burns, their scabs and now scars. When I tried to confront the company about it they too tried to shift the blame onto me and say that it could be because you’re sweating in the watch. I told them even if I was sweating in the watch, which I was not, it is a smart fitness tracker and so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to sweat. They told me to try wearing the watch on my other arm. The company did nothing about it.

Nilesh Patel: I gave my nephew Fitbit Ace 3 and he has burn marks on his wrist as well.

bee: I thought this was just me…it burnt my left hand so I switched to the right and the same thing happened.

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