• Fitbit is rolling out female health tracking to the Versa, Ionic, and to the Fitbit app on iOS and Windows.
  • It’ll be released for Android smartphones “later this month.”
  • Fitbit is also adding new health partner apps and watch faces to the Fitbit App Gallery.

Starting today, Fitbit is rolling out its female health tracking suite to the Versa and Ionic smartwatches, and to the Fitbit app on iOS and Windows. The feature will be available in the Android app “later this month.”

Announced in March, female health tracking offers a way to track your menstrual cycle and understand how it connects to your health. You’ll be able to log your cycle data and record symptoms, see dynamic cycle predictions based on your history, and access educational content on menstrual cycles, ovulation, and more. Thanks to Fitbit’s proprietary algorithm, this health tracking feature will get smarter and more accurate overtime as you log your period.

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There are plenty of female health tracking apps already available, but none will integrate with Fitbit’s ecosystem quite like this. The benefit here is that you can see all your health and fitness data right in the Fitbit app, which should give you a better idea as to how your menstrual cycle affects your fitness, and vice versa. There’s even a new section in the Community tab in the Fitbit app where you can connect with other women for support and advice.

Female health tracking on the Versa and Ionic will allow you to track where you are in your cycle, see when you should be expecting your next period, and predict your upcoming fertile window.

For a closer look at all the new female health tracking features, head over to Fitbit’s blog post.

In addition to female health tracking, Fitbit also announced that it’s rolling out new health partner apps and clock faces to the Fitbit App Gallery. All the new apps are focused on helping users manage complex conditions like diabetes and even some types of cancer. These new apps include Dexcom, Diplomat Pharmacy Inc., Fitabase, Limeade, One Drop, Sickweather, and Walgreens.

Fitbit Versa and Ionic users will also get to take advantage of quick reply functionality, which is rolling out to the smartwatches today. For more details on quick replies, head to our hands-on article right here.