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Square Enix's Final Fantasy Dimensions II hits the Play Store for $14.99

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy Dimensions II, a game where you travel through time to gather allies, level up abilities, and battle to save the world.

Published onNovember 1, 2017

If you love the Final Fantasy universe, Square Enix has a treat for you. Today, it released Final Fantasy Dimensions II, the sequel to the popular first installment that was downloaded over 3 million times.

Much like the first installment, Final Fantasy Dimensions II is an RPG with 2D pixel art where you battle to save the world. You’ll start out on Navos, a small island at the center of the world, that sits between the eastern continent of Ajima and the western continent of Westa. Long ago a man-made error wiped out the civilization of magic and divided the world into the eastern and western regions. Now the two areas are in the midsts of a long period of conflict and strife.

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At the center of the story are two protagonists named Morrow and Aemo. The two meet after Morrow follows a shooting star and finds Aemo who has traveled back in time. During the game, you travel throughout time to meet powerful allies and battle to save the world. You’ll gather signet stones which allow you to unleash special abilities in battle. As you progress through the story, you’ll level up your team and learn new abilities to cast during battle with your signet stones.

Dimensions II originally started out as a free-to-play game in Japan called Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Space-Time. It was then turned into the grind-heavy premium priced game we see today. Gone are micro-transactions, random loot boxes and, daily login bosses. The game now relies on mechanics that allow you to grind for hours for better stats and perks to keep you coming back for more.

The developer, Square Enix, has added an auto-battle system and scaled back on the exploration fans enjoyed in the first installment. While this is a direct sequel set in the same universe, Dimensions II is its own game and you shouldn’t expect the same experience as Final Fantasy Dimensions. Reviews have been mixed so far and the game sits at a 3.8 rating on Google Play. You can grab Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 at the button below for $14.99. 

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