• Google announced today it is rebranding Files Go to Files by Google.
  • The rebrand is in response to many people using the app outside of the Android Go ecosystem.
  • The user experience of Files by Google also got a slight tweak.

Google launched Files Go in December 2017. At the time, the app was one of the original entries into the Android Go ecosystem, which now has become a huge success in emerging markets where low-powered, budget-friendly Android devices are very popular.

However, Google discovered that people outside of the Android Go ecosystem were also using Files Go whether due to its simplicity, effectiveness, or both. As such, today Google announced it is rebranding Files Go to now be known as Files by Google.

Files by Google isn’t all that different from Files Go: it still helps you manage the files on your smartphone, free up space, and share files from device-to-device without needing a mobile connection. However, with the name change, the app separates itself from the Go ecosystem, which should help new adopters check it out — even if they don’t use Android Go.

Additionally, Google tweaked the user experience a bit within Files by Google by making sure the content of your phone is the focus when using the app. The app also “celebrates” when you clear out a certain amount of files by telling you what you’ve made room for — more selfies, more music, or maybe even a full-length movie.

Click the button below to download Files by Google. If you’ve already downloaded the app, a new update should show the rebrand starting today.

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