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Right to repair: Should we tolerate hard-to-fix devices for better phones?

by Tristan Rayner 3 weeks ago0 comments

Dear Google, When are you going to fix Android Wear?

by Adam Doud 3 weeks ago0 comments

Assistant vs Alexa shouldn’t be the new Android vs iOS

by Jonathan Feist 3 weeks ago0 comments

Samsung Galaxy S9 wishlist: What we want to see

by Mitja Rutnik 3 weeks ago0 comments

Flagship? Mid-range? Budget? Find the best phone for you

Picking out the best phone to buy can be tough, but our guide will help you narrow down the best features and price points to suit your needs.
by Robert Triggs6 hours ago

What would it take to make a portless phone, and should we?

What would it take to make a portless phone, and is that something we should aspire to? We tackle those two questions and more.
by Adam Doud1 day ago

When did the TVs start working like smartphones?

TV apps are taking over our viewing, and it all seems very familiar. After all, our phones work like that too. But is it a better way to watch TV?
by Adam Doud1 day ago

OnePlus 5T vs LG G6: quick look

We take a look at how the OnePlus 5T stacks up against the LG G6 in terms of specs, features, price, and more.
by Mitja Rutnik2 days ago

OnePlus 5T vs Samsung Galaxy S8: quick look

A closer look at the differences and similarities between the OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy S8.
by Mitja Rutnik2 days ago

Beyond 7nm – the race to 4nm is Samsung’s to lose

Samsung is clearly ambitious in its plans to product 4nm chips by 2020, but early investments in EUV and GAAFET could indeed put the foundry ahead.
by Robert Triggs2 days ago

Here’s what Sony needs to do to get back in the smartphone game

Sony's business empire is back to profitability, but its smartphone division is still languishing behind. What can Sony Mobile do to get back on top?
by Robert Triggs3 days ago

Exploring MediaTek’s refocus on mid-tier SoCs

MediaTek is taking a break from designing flagship SoCs to focus on growth opportunities in its mid-tier Helio P series.
by Robert Triggs4 days ago

Android version distribution: Nougat and Oreo up, everything else down

Android Oreo and Nougat are up, but where did their gains come from? What version of Android took the biggest hit? We have the answers.
by AA Staff5 days ago86

Graduating class: Nexus – Pixel – Android One – Android Go

With the Pixel line, Android One and Android Go, Google finally seems to have successfully built the Android trinity it has wanted for so long.
by Kris Carlon5 days ago
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