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Google’s FCC filings reveal something intriguing about the Google Wifi

According to Google’s FCC filings, the Google Wifi is in fact compatible with the magical ZigBee wireless frequency, maybe just not “turned on.”

Published onDecember 22, 2016

When Google first announced the Google Wifi – a sexy minimalist router that finally doesn’t have to hide behind your couch – one thing seemed to be missing. That is the 802.15.4 based ZigBee frequency. Google Home and Android Things seem to signal Google’s expansion into the smart home and IoT arena, but the omission of the ZigBee frequency was a puzzling move, to say the least. Well, according to Google’s FCC filings, the wireless frequency is in fact there just not “turned on,” maybe.

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ZigBee is an 802.15.4 based wireless frequency that is a necessity when it comes to the IoT. It facilitates “a suit of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks,” and that’s why it’s indispensable for the smart home market. Now, when Google announced its beautiful WiFi router back in October, the company didn’t mention anything about this specification. People assumed this meant the Google’s router was not compatible with the 802.15.4 frequency, which didn’t make a lot of sense considering the company’s apparent efforts to increase its presence in smart home systems.

Well, it looks like Google Wifi is a part of Google’s grand scheme after all. The company’s FCC filings reveal that indeed, the device is compatible with this magical frequency. Now, the 802.4.15 frequency should give you a strong (if not stronger) WiFi connection, and although we don’t know what Google’s future plans may be, your Google Wifi should be ready for some smart Internet-based device-to-device communication as well.

Google does not list that band on its official website perhaps because it is “turned off” for now. Of course, there is the possibility that Google has no intention of utilizing that frequency in the future, but that’s highly unlikely given the time and resources it must have spent testing the frequency in the product. Other than the ZigBee wireless frequency, we also see that the Google Wifi supports Bluetooth 4.0 and is Bluetooth Smart ready. Bluetooth Smart is essentially another way for a device to connect with another, except through Bluetooth.

Other than the ZigBee wireless frequency, we also see that the Google Wifi supports Bluetooth 4.0 and is Bluetooth Smart ready.

Our homes are inevitably getting smarter and smarter, and it seems like Google sees potential in this field. How much technology are you willing to let in to your home? Is there a limit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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