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Despite rumors of the contrary, HTC has not axed its smartwatch plans.

That’s according to the notorious leaker Evan Blass, who claimed in a tweet that HTC’s wearable would finally be unveiled on the week of June 6, 2016.

It’s important to treat this “leak” with some healthy skepticism. That’s because the same @evleaks has previously pegged the release of HTC’s first smartwatch for February and then for April.

If the HTC smartwatch finally sees the light of day this June, it will be the culmination of more than three years of rumors and speculation. As early as October 2013 – before even the launch of Android Wear – HTC was reported to be working on a camera-equipped smartwatch.

When Google launched Android Wear in May 2014, HTC’s name was on the list of partners that were said to be working on smartwatches running the new wearable operating system.

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The company admitted it had cancelled its initial wearable products in late 2014, and with the turmoil of 2015, the HTC smartwatch was all but forgotten.

HTC has, in fact, released a wearable this year, but the UA Band fitness tracker arrived at a time when the market was already packed with similar products from a variety of manufacturers. The product, co-branded with Under Armour, failed to register on most people’s radars.

The well-received HTC 10 has injected some energy into a company that has been struggling to remain relevant in a crowded market. It’s important for HTC to follow up with another attractive device, but the fact is, there’s not much HTC can do to stand out in the Android Wear landscape.

A thin rumor from last year claimed that HTC smartwatch would feature a circular display, but other than that we know very little about the device. We can speculate that the HTC smartwatch will run a new version of Android Wear that Google will announce at the I/O conference. This year, the event will be held on May 18-20.

Do you think HTC can bring something new to Android Wear devices?

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