Andy Rubin’s Essential was supposed to ship out the Essential Phone earlier this month, but that time came and passed. In an email sent to potential customers, however, the Android co-creator confirmed the phone will make its debut “in a few weeks.”

According to Rubin, the Essential Phone is currently going through certification and testing with several U.S. and international carriers. Once that is complete, the phone will presumably ship to potential customers after they receive emails that allow them to put in their credit card information.

Rubin also wrote that his team worked “long hours” and has been “hard at work” to make sure the Essential Phone makes its way to people’s doorsteps sometime in August.

This will come as welcome news to those who have anticipated the phone since its unveiling back in May. At the time, Rubin said the Essential Phone would ship to potential customers within 30 days of the announcement, though that came and went without much word from Rubin or Essential.

At the very least, Rubin’s email shows that he and his team are confident enough in the Essential Phone’s development to send out such a message in the first place. We also know plenty about the phone itself, such as its flagship-level specs, modular functionality, and $700 price tag. We also know it is possible that the Essential Phone will make its way to the UK, followed by Western Europe and Japan, though no release window was reported.

For now, US fans looking forward to the Essential Phone have one more thing to be excited about once August arrives.

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