• Only a few hours after Google announced the release of new Android updates, Essential is already pushing them to Essential Phones.
  • Updates include the July 2018 security patch and a stability update for Android Auto.
  • Essential also pushed those updates to users of the Android P beta, as well as beta updates.

Smartphone manufacturer Essential may be in some hot water, but that hasn’t stopped the company issuing incredibly timely updates to the Essential Phone, its only current device. Today, only hours after Google announced them, Essential is rolling out Android updates to all Essential Phone users.

The updates include the July 2018 security patch for Android as well as some stability tweaks for Android Auto. Essential announced the rollout on Twitter:

Essential also announced that it is pushing those same updates (as well as the general code updates) to users on the Android P beta, after a fan asked about it:

The Essential Phone will be the first device to get an updated Android P beta after Pixel users, likely leaving all other devices in the beta program (like the OnePlus 6 and Sony Xperia XZ2) in the dust. This will surely make Essential Phone users ecstatic.

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