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Escobar says 'RIP Samsung,' reveals new foldable that's literally a Galaxy Fold

The device is probably just as much a scam as the still-unreleased Escobar Fold 1.

Published onFebruary 3, 2020

Escobar Fold 2 Next to Samsung Galaxy Fold

Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, the biological brother of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, is back with the launch of a “new” foldable device. The Escobar Fold 2, shown above on the left, is very strangely reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which you can see right next to it.

The Escobar Fold 2 is a follow-up device to the Escobar Fold 1, which itself looked remarkably similar to the Royole FlexPai. The Escobar Fold 1 still hasn’t been released, making the announcement of a Fold 2 very peculiar.

Even stranger is the starting price of the Escobar Fold 2: just $399. The Galaxy Fold — which is very obviously the blueprint for this new device — starts at nearly $2,000. The Royole FlexPai also had a four-digit asking price, but the Escobar Fold 1 was only $349.

As we said, though, the Fold 1 never actually delivered, despite Escobar, Inc. taking orders for it.

In a press release announcing the phone (riddled with grammatical errors), Escobar, Inc. says it wants to become “the overstock kingpin of electronical (sic) devices this year.” It continues, “all these factories simply have too much technology laying around, nobody is buying anything in China from secondary factories. We cut the prices and give clients direct discounts under the Escobar brand umbrella.”

We’re not at all sure what that means or how it results in a device that is a literal twin of the world’s most popular foldable phone, but OK.

Things get even weirder when you watch the announcement video, mirrored below. As with the announcement video for the Escobar Fold 1, the Escobar Fold 2 video heavily features scantily-clad Playboy models. This time, though, they use a sledgehammer to smash a 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with “RIP Samsung” displayed on the screen. For some reason, they also smash Galaxy J2 Core phones? You need to see it for yourself to believe it:

Our favorite part is the end when the voice-over says, “Forged in fire, destroyed in fire.” We’re not sure what this phone has to do with the One Ring of Middle Earth, but we’re happy Escobar enjoys The Lord of the Rings.

Escobar, Inc. is accepting orders right now for the Escobar Fold 2. Normally, we would give you a link to the device so you could pre-order it. However, we aren’t going to do that because this is almost certainly a scam. Buyers still haven’t seen the Escobar Fold 1, so giving Escobar another $400 certainly will fall in the “fool me twice, shame on me” category. If you really want to throw away $400, a quick Google search will find you the links you need.

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