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Clean smarter, not harder: Dreametech H14 makes thorough home cleaning a breeze

Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore.
Brought to you by Dreametech

Published onJune 19, 2024

Person using the Dreametech H14 vacuum under a sofa

If you’ve ever accidentally pulled a vacuum’s power cord right out of the wall socket when trying to get to a hard-to-reach area or gotten tangled in a mess of cables, you know that a cordless vacuum is a godsend. Cordless vacuums have become increasingly capable over the years, going from low-suction stick vacuums to sophisticated machines with self-cleaning capabilities that rival the best robot vacuums and mops. And one of the best in the business right now is Dreametech’s H14 Wet and Dry Vacuum. Here’s everything you need to know!

It’s all about reach

Dreametech H14 in lie flat mode

The Dreametech H14 has a 180-degree lie-flat design, making reaching the hardest-to-reach places and corners a breeze. When flat, the vacuum’s body can go under spaces as low as 14cm and 8.5cm for the brush head, so it’s incredibly easy to clean tight spaces, like under a bed, sofas, coffee and TV tables, and cabinets. It’s designed with a rotating axis to get around tight spaces, and an omnidirectional wheel on the back keeps the body scratch-free when using it in the flat mode.

Making it all possible is an innovative liquid separation motor that helps avoid leaks when using the vacuum completely flat. This stops used water from flowing back into the tank to prevent leaks and ensure deep cleaning at the highest suction power, even when in lie-flat mode.

Fast, efficient, and smart cleaning

Dreametech H14 used to mop up a spill

Reaching the toughest corners means nothing if the vacuum lacks the power to clean properly. Luckily, the H14 has it in spades, with a 125,000 RPM motor providing an impressive 18,000Pa suction power to comfortably manage even the messiest surfaces.

And with a dual-edged brush, you can ensure that no corners or baseboards are left untouched. The brush also has a special scraper for hair and fur, ideal for households with pets, that removes dirty liquid, waste, and tangled hair. You certainly won’t have to worry about stopping your vacuuming halfway through to untangle a mess of pet hair from a stuck brush.

H14 dual edge cleaning

Joining the powerful vacuum is a high-speed 14,000 RPM motor for mopping, enabling the brush to spin a whopping 520 times a minute. Not only is that great for fast mopping, but it also reduces streaking, leaving you with a pristine floor.

Its excellent cleaning capabilities are complemented by a solid running time. Six 4,000mAh batteries power the cordless vacuum, providing up to 35 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning in floor washing mode. It also comes with a large 880ml clean water tank, so you don’t have to worry about running back and forth to the charger while trying to finish your chores.

Helping battery life and efficiency is the H14’s intelligent sensor that brings a Smart Suction Adjustment feature that automatically adapts the power and energy use based on the type of mess.

H14 used in floor washing mode

An LED display shows you the three levels of dirt and adjusts the energy use accordingly. From crumbs to pet hair, the H14 Wet and Dry Vacuum will make the appropriate changes to ensure a powerful and efficient clean. The display also shows you a clear view of the remaining battery, and the vacuum also comes with voice prompts to warn you when it’s running out of battery, if the clean water tank is empty, and when the used water tank is full.

It cleans itself!

H14 render showing the heat from the base to dry the mop

Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping may be boring chores, but nothing is more annoying than cleaning the vacuum, brush, and mop after you’re done. But with self-cleaning capabilities that rival far more expensive robot vacuums, the H14 easily takes care of this problem. All you have to do is clear out the used water tank and solid waste filter.

The H14’s base has a PTC heater that warms up clean water to 60° C and rotates the brush to remove grime. The brush first rotates clockwise to take advantage of the scraper to remove dirty water and dirt and then switches counterclockwise to untangle and remove hair. The hair is then cleared and moved to the used water tank.

Cleaning the solid waste filter on the H14

Once clean, the base uses an NTC sensor to ensure quick and efficient drying with a constant hot air flow. It comes with two drying modes – Flash and Quiet. As the name suggests, Flash mode gives you a dry brush in just five minutes, ideal for a quick clean while vacuuming. And if you are done with your chores, Quiet mode takes an hour to ensure your brush dries gently and thoroughly.

It’s a great time to buy the Dreametech H14 Wet and Dry Vacuum

Person using the H14 to clean under a sofa

The H14 Wet and Dry Vacuum retails for $599.99, but buyers can use a $60 coupon on Amazon until June 23. Making the offer even more enticing, Dreametech is offering Android Authority readers an additional 10% discount with code DreameH14S, bringing the final price down to $479.99! While the Amazon coupon will expire on June 23, the Android Authority discount will remain until the end of the month.

If you’re looking for a smart, efficient, and powerful cordless vacuum and mop for wet and dry surfaces, the Dreametech H14 is an excellent buy. While you do have to push it around, it does the rest of the work for you, from ensuring a deep clean for even the toughest corners and hard-to-reach places to cleaning itself and taking the pain out of managing dirty brushes.

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