I definitely say dunking your hand into the toilet to retrieve a smartphone is a much more exciting feat, but I guess getting some help from a dolphin is pretty cool too! This is exactly what happened to Miami Heat cheerleader Teressa Cee.

After taking a trip to the Bahamas to “swim & shake” with dolphins, Cee’s phone managed to end up deep inside the dolphins’ residence (inside the water). The trainer then asked the dolphin to retrieve it, a request to which Cacique (the dolphin) was happy to oblige.

Truly, it’s fascinating to see, but a geek will do much more than just witness the beauty that these creatures are. Did you notice that was an iPhone? It surely didn’t survive the few seconds underwater! Even Teressa said: “Oh my god! So cute… thanks! It’s never gonna work again, but thanks!”.

Sure enough, the phone seems to have been deemed unusable, something that wouldn’t be the case if she had one of those awesome waterproof phones we find more often in the Android side of things. Someone has to go tell this girl about them Sony Xperia smartphones! Especially if she will continue playing around in the water. And seeing that these are Miami Heat cheerleaders we are talking about, this is very likely.

Here are some devices that are waterproof:

And just in case you are curious, here is a video of everything that went on during this trip to the Bahamas!

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