disney plus android app

Another front is open in the streaming wars.

With hours to go until its official debut, Disney Plus has become available in the Play Store.

You can download the Disney Plus Android app right now, and install on it on your Android smartphone or tablet or Android TV device, as well as use it to play content on your Chromecast.

The app was first made available in the Netherlands on September 12 as a trial run, but now users in the US can join in the fun with Disney Plus’ official release.

Officially, you can’t start streaming The Mandalorian or your favorite Disney classic just yet. You’ll still have to wait a few hours to do so. Here’s a breakdown of when Disney Plus opens in the US:

  • Pacific: 3AM
  • Mountain: 4AM
  • Central: 5AM
  • EST: 6AM
  • GMT: 11AM

However, some users on Reddit report being able to use the service already by going to DisneyPlus.com. Multiple users have also posted about accessing the service on iOS, Roku, PS4, and other platforms.

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Right now, Disney Plus is available in the US, with Australia and New Zealand joining on November 19, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain on March 31, 2020.

The service costs $6.99/month, but you can binge watch to your heart’s desire for a week before you have to pay anything.

Stay tuned for the official opening!