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Disney Plus account sharing: Everything you need to know

We show you how you can still share your account without violating Disney's rules.
December 5, 2022
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With over 164 million subscribers signed up since it launched in November 2019, the Disney Plus streaming service has exploded. That’s in large part due to its content, which includes the majority of films from not just the main Disney library, but also from its Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel divisions. However, even with its huge growth in users, it’s likely that Disney Plus account sharing is happening.

In this article, we will take a look at Disney Plus account sharing, along with info on how many devices on one account can stream at once and more. If you want to sign up for the service, you can do so at the link below. Also, be sure to check out our hub page for everything you’d ever want to know about Disney Plus. 

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Is Disney Plus account sharing even allowed?

First, let’s address the big question: Is Disney Plus account sharing legal? Technically, no, but Disney knows it will happen anyway. In an interview for The Verge conducted around the time the service launched in November 2019, Michael Paull, the president of Disney Streaming Services, stated, “…we do recognize password sharing exists and will continue to exist.” Paull strongly hints that the company is willing to tolerate a certain amount of Disney Plus account sharing.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just go out and share your Disney Plus subscription with everyone you encounter on the street. Paull stated in that same interview, “We have created some technology that’s in the backend that we will use to understand behavior. And when we see behavior that doesn’t make sense, we have mechanisms that we’ve put in place that will deal with it.”

One thing to keep in mind is every Disney Plus account can support up to seven individual profiles. In other words, the service is very generous when it comes to allowing its subscribers to share with close friends and family members. However, if you start to share Disney Plus subscription with a lot more than six other users, don’t be surprised if your account gets suspended. In short, just use common sense with it comes to sharing your account with others and you should be fine.

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How many devices can stream Disney Plus simultaneously?

Each Disney Plus account supports up to four simultaneous streams at one time. That’s still good for a streaming service that currently costs $10.99 a month for the Premium no-ads plan, or the Basic with ads plan that costs $7.99 a month. By comparison, Netflix only allows up to four streams at once on its most expensive plan, which costs $19.99 per month.

How many devices can download content at once?

One of the best features Disney Plus offers is the ability to download content for offline viewing. This feature is made even better by the fact that each Disney Plus account can support up to 10 devices at once for downloadable content. That content can also remain on your phone indefinitely as long as you log into your Disney Plus account once every 30 days.

However, keep in mind this is just for people who sign up for the Premium plan, or for people who get a bundle with the Premium plan. The Disney Plus Basic plan does not support downloading content from the service.

How many profiles can you have on Disney Plus?

To make sharing easier, you’re likely going to need to make more profiles, but how many profiles can you have on Disney Plus? The answer is seven. Of course, you can always delete profiles from people you know longer share with, or even designate one profile as “guest” and share with several people. Plus, each profile can have its own language and subtitle settings so that everyone’s accessibility is met.

Can I kick out any freeloaders off my Disney Plus account?

If you suspect someone is accessing your Disney Plus subscription without your permission, there are only a few pretty basic things you can do. One of them is to change your account password and then tell the folks that you allow to use your account about that new password.

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You can also choose to cancel your Disney Plus subscription and set up a new one on your account.

How to delete your Disney account completely

The last, and most extreme, option, is to delete your Disney online account completely and set up a new one. Keep in mind that if you make this decision, deleting the account will also affect other services that you might use, including signing into ESPN Plus, the site, and more. Once you either change your password or delete and set up a new account, make sure to warn anyone else you might give your account information to not share it with anyone else.

If you feel you need to take this ultimate move, here’s how to delete your Disney account:

1. Go to The Walt Disney Company Privacy site on your PC.

walt disney company privacy

2. You should see a “Privacy Controls” section on top. Place your cursor on it and you should see a menu pop up, with “Communications Choices” as one of the options. Click on it to continue.

3. Scroll down and then click on the “Disney, ESPN, ABC, Marvel and Star Wars accounts” link.

4. You will then be asked to log in to your Disney account.

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5. After that, scroll down to the bottom and then select “Delete Account.” You will be asked if you are sure if you want to do this. If so, then finally select “Yes, delete this account.

Disney says that after you make this move, your Disney account will be permanently deleted 14 days later. This is to give you a chance to reactivate the account easily before that time expires. Hopefully, the company will add new and easier ways to remove any unwanted users off your Disney Plus plan in the near future.

These are our Disney Plus account sharing tips! We hope we covered everything you wanted to know. If we haven’t, feel free to ask us questions in the comments.