digital insurance card review

What is Digital Insurance Card?

As the name implies, Digital Insurance Card allows you to create and show a digital version of your insurance cards. This can be useful for those who don’t want to carry their actual insurance on them or have lost their actual insurance card. Only a limited number of states in the U.S. allow for this and international laws may vary but if your state and/or country allows for this then it could be useful.

Digital Insurance Card is laid out pretty well. Things are logically laid out and adding cards is easy enough. It has special sections for your car and health insurance as well as an option to add “other” insurance cards too. You can store multiple cards if need be and you can take a snapshot of the actual card as of the most recent update.

Other than that the application does what it says it does. You put your insurance cards in and this app stores them for you. The majority of the negative reviews stem from the lack of snapshot support which was fixed. That means all in all, the app seems to be pretty good according to user reviews.

digital insurance card review

Because no one has ever forgotten their wallet. Ever.


Allows you to create and show a digital version of your insurance cards.
Latest update includes a snapshot feature that lets you take pictures of your actual card.
Developers have been active in adding user requested features. That's a good sign.
Aside from old complaints about lack of snapshot features (since added), there haven't been any other complaints.
Allows for many different insurance cards.


Digital insurance cards are not accepted everywhere.
Still pretty new so there are likely bugs that haven't been found yet.

Bottom Line

It’s not overly expensive at $0.99. It doesn’t have a list of countries but the app description does have a list of U.S. states that allow for digital insurance cards. If you live in one of them, you should definitely pick this app up. If you hear that your state legalizes digital cards then keep this app in mind! It could be very useful.

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