What is VoxyPad?

VoxyPad is a real time collaboration tool that allows you to connect with another person and work on virtually anything. Collaborations take place over what the app refers to as “calls” and allows you connect with another person. It’s currently free to use.

The interface is pretty simple. There’s a large space that covers most of the screen where content you and your collaborator work on can be seen by both parties. Below that is a toolbar that allows you to do things like switch input tools (handwriting, text, etc), insert images, and access other tools that you can use. You can also use the toolbar to open websites and share files on cloud storage. You can even use voice if you need to.

It works fairly well over T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network and over WiFi but we imagine there will be hiccups here and there based on your connection speed. Some tools and edits are synced on command while others are synced automatically. In our tests and the video above, things seem to work pretty well when it comes to collaboration.

You can use this for a number of things. The app description recommends things like making customized photo albums and the like. We can’t see this being used as a serious productivity tool but it does have a solid foundation to grow into one.

VoxyPAD review

Collaboration made easy.


It works pretty well for how new it is.
Lots of tools including hand writing/drawing, photo insertion, emoticons, and text input.
You can access cloud storage files and annotate them with other people.
You can also use your voice to talk to people during sessions.


Serious productivity tools like editing cloud files aren't present.
New app means bugs for people that haven't been reported yet.
May be laggy or slow depending on your connection speed.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a pretty fun tool to have in the old app drawer. It’s free to use and while it lacks many serious productivity features, there is enough there to make this app useful.

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