Facebook Messenger has become a full-featured service, but all these capabilities can take a toll on your data consumption. Regular text won’t be a big deal, but a data saving mode becomes more helpful once you start receiving images, video and more. That is exactly what Facebook is now testing.

Facebook Messenger Beta users are seeing a new option in the settings, allowing them to enable Data Saver mode. There seems to be no compression methods or anything of the like. Instead, this mode will stop Facebook Messenger from automatically downloading photos and video; users will have to tap to download these. When connected to WiFi, the application will continue to work as always.

Those curious about how efficient this option is can also take a look at the estimated mobile data saved, which is right below the option to turn on Data Saver.

Beta testers should go ahead and check it out! By the way, you can join the beta fun too. Just click on the button below and follow the steps to become a beta tester for Facebook Messenger.

Keep in mind testing beta versions of an app also means enduring more bugs and issues. Not everything will work perfectly, but you will be getting features before everyone else. Otherwise, you can sit tight and wait for this capability to make it to the stable version of the app.

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