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Daily Authority: 此 Predicting future crime

Minority Report-style crime prediction, Google TV improvements, peak smartphone, and more tech news today!

Published onJuly 1, 2022

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Adam Sinicki / Android Authority

Happy Friday, everyone! Tomorrow is my daughters third birthday and Im going to try to make angel food cake for the first time. Wish me luck.

The Minority Report, but in real life

minority report

The classic Philip K. Dick novella (and Tom Cruise action flick) just took a step closer to reality. This time, instead of using precogs to track down crime before it happens, were using computer algorithms.

This isnt the first algorithm used by police to identify criminal hotspots, but it uses a new approach thats intended to eliminate (or at least identify) biases in policing.

A different approach:

  • This differs from previous models, which worked from the assumption that criminal activity originated from fixed hotspots and spread from there.
  • Social scientists at the University of Chicago argue that this approach ignores the complex social environment of cities, as well as the nuanced relationship between crime and the effects of police enforcement.
  • Instead of directly policing these hotspots, the new algorithm pulls from hundreds of thousands of sociological patterns to predict increases in crime in certain areas a week in advance.

Limits of predictive policing:

  • Minority Reports mutant precogs make mistakes, and these types of algorithms are no different.
  • In the past, theyve had a notoriously low hit rate (paywall), and often lead to even worse biases in policing low-income areas and individuals.
  • Will this one be any better, or is predictive policing best left to the realm of science fiction?
  • My vote is for the latter.


Google TV could soon take the pain out of setting up streaming apps with automatic app installs and logins (Android Authority).

Data shows that peak smartphone sales may be behind us for good (Android Authority).

But maybe one man can turn that around? Our polling indicates that the vast majority of our readers think Carl Pei and Nothing have a real chance at success (Android Authority).

Samsung is the first company to start producing 3nm chips, which are faster, less power-hungry, and more thermally efficient (Android Authority).

Excited about the Galaxy Watch 5? New leaks provide a glimpse of Wear OS 3.5 and One UI Watch 4.5, which hint at new features to come (Android Authority).

Googles Password Manager got a major usability update, unifying the experience across devices (Android Authority).

Former Apple lawyer in charge of enforcing insider trading rules at the company pleads guilty to insider trading. Who could have predicted? (Reuters).

恬 The US Supreme Court continues to put out controversial rulings. Heres howcarbon emissions got caught up in the political battle and what it all means (Ars Technica).

Bad news continues for crypto-fans, as Bitcoin posts its worst quarter in more than a decade (CNBC).

You may not be alone: Whats a weird thing you think only you do? (r/askreddit).

Friday Fun

Ever since the Avengers Infinity War/Endgame saga came out a few years ago, Marvel fans have speculated that Ant-Man could have instantly defeated Thanos by shrinking down, entering his uh behind, and expanding while inside him. While the writers of Endgame addressed this back in 2020 (as did The Boys in season 3 episode 1), Disney has finally officially addressed it in a short film that plays at the Worlds of Marvel restaurant.

Granted, its just a short blurb at the start of a 13-minute video, but its still a fun shout-out to one of the most ridiculous fan theories in (recent) Marvel history.

Until next week,

Nick Fernandez, Editor.

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