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Daily Authority: 🅰 Samsung's A-Day coming up

Samsung's 2022 A-series phones are just around the corner, plus more tech news you need to know today!
March 15, 2022
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G in hand showing app drawer.
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

🍕 Good morning! I’m very sorry I missed Pi Day yesterday. I had my head in the visa application clouds. But, I mean, 3.15 is kind of close enough right? Right? Anyway, a link on how much Pi you really need below…

Samsung’s next A-series

Two devices in the Samsung Galaxy A series, as seen at the Samsung Experience Store in Long Island.

Samsung’s set to launch more of its best-selling Galaxy products: Samsung’s A-series of smartphones, all ready for launch later this week.

  • Some of the best-selling Galaxy phones each year in the US include the Galaxy A5 series (eg A52) and the Galaxy A1 series (eg. A12).
  • The A10, A11 and A12 all sold well as budget options through each generation.
  • The A50, A51, and A52 pushed plenty of units as the go-to mid-range option: Samsung polish without quite the S-series star features.
  • The A70 lineup competes directly with affordable flagships from Chinese brands, with worse specs but better brand recognition and (arguably) software.
  • According to Counterpoint analyst data, A-series phones make up nearly 60% of Samsung’s global phone sales, so they’re an incredibly important part of Samsung’s portfolio.

Main event:

  • And now we have the date for Samsung’s event for the 2022 A-range: this Thursday March 17.
  • Based on previous years, the likes of the Galaxy A73, A53, A33, A23, A13 and A03 are expected, with a rough guide being most expensive to least expensive running from A7x to A0x.
  • The sweet spot has traditionally been the A5x, for about $500, and the A12, for about $180, representing value for folks who need a smartphone without too much fuss.
  • (Reviews say don’t bother with the A0x series most of the time).
  • The A5x series tend to sneak in higher-end features without the flagship processor to boot, while the A1x series sticks with battery life and acceptable camera performance, with compromises on the processor and IP rating.
  • Samsung’s longer-term support separates it from others. Last month, it announced four years of One UI and Android OS upgrades for its flagship phones in its foldables and S-series, but the A-series was also highlighted.
  • Mind you, Samsung said “select A series devices” so it’s possible only the higher-end A-series devices will see major upgrades until 2026.
  • Other Android manufacturers are absolutely phoning it in by not providing more, but let’s see how Samsung fares with its own budget models…

Samsung’s chance to pounce:

  • Samsung’s invite came with a standard image but also the following gif. From the action, you could bet on: waterproofing on a wider range of A-series phones, better low-light camera performance, a focus on battery life… and, I don’t know, more emoji?
Galaxy A Event Vertical Animated Invite
Tristan Rayner / Android Authority
  • None of that is exactly unexpected. But I still don’t think much of the Apple iPhone SE 2022 that launched last week which tried to tick those boxes too.
  • Reviews of the iPhone SE 2022 came out yesterday and while the value of the long-lifetime is expected, but as The Verge’s review said, the 4.7-inch screen was just too small and apps aren’t properly considering it anymore. Quote: “The modern internet and app experience were just not constructed for a 16:9 4.7-inch screen.
  • By no means can Samsung strike a serious blow to Apple’s dominance at the low end… but this is undoubtedly Samsung’s chance to best Apple’s lowest-price phone: the $480 mark that the 128GB iPhone SE 2022 is priced at is now the yardstick.
  • Make no mistake. The A-series isn’t the shining light of Samsung. But it sells more of these than the S-series, and that means these almost matter more. And watch out for the A-series “s” versions too, later in the year, like the Galaxy A52s that was well-reviewed around here.


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Chart Tuesday

A different form of data put into a chart today: a LIDAR map of most of New York City by visualgeomatics:

new york city lidar map

How great. I can see where I lived for a summer in 2014 in a very different way.

  • The data actually comes from freely available United States Geological Survey data. (USGS 3DEP LiDAR data.)
  • The author used Blender, QGIS, and Global Mapper, primarily, plus Photoshop.
  • Other cities up next: San Francisco, which should be fun for the elevation changes!


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor.