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Isn’t it funny how the ROM market works? All these older and lower-end phones are pretty much getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow before many of you. Well… kind of; at least they are doing so unofficially. CyanogenMod keeps expanding its support to more devices and today a few LG handsets are getting nightly support for CyanogenMod 13, the Marshmallow version of the world’s most popular third-party Android ROM.

The new list of supported smartphones includes the LG G3 S, LG G3 Beat, LG G2 Mini and LG Optimus L70. This means life is really good for plenty of LG users, who are ready to experience the latest and greatest from CyanogenMod now. And it is quite literally the latest and greatest.

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If you aren’t familiar with CyanogenMod’s nightly builds, they are literally updates which include the new code from every single day. This is only for users who want to be at the bleeding edge of CyanogenMod’s software, so expect to find some bugs and other issues. That is in addition to all the other dangers that come with tinkering with a phone and installing third-party software. Do your research and be careful before proceeding, because all responsibility will fall upon you shall anything go wrong.

5 reasons to install CyanogenMod

With that said, you can now go ahead and download all the files straight from CyanogenMod’s download pages. You can find them right below. And don’t forget to hit the comments to express your frustration about not having Android 6.0 before these guys!