The most popular custom ROM of all time, CyanogenMod, has always been a bit of a walled garden – for those on the outside looking in, rooting and flashing are the only solution. Gradually, however, certain features of ROMs have been making their way onto stock devices in various ways. For example, many phones’ OS versions now include quick settings in the notification drop down.

In the case of Apollo, the official music player for the CyanogenMod operating system, a full release for all has long been prophesized, but has only now been realized, as it is available now in the Play Store. Much like the god of music himself, Apollo hopes to fulfill all of your musical needs.

Stylish Greek rhetoric aside, the Apollo music player comes in an ad-based free version, but removing said ads will cost you $0.99, a very low price that also ensures first dibs on future updates. True to CyanogenMod form, the app is customizable from its original Ice Cream Sandwish-esque blue theme and also comes with modifiable widgets. Navigation within the app allows for the usual assortment through artist or song title, but you can also pin your favorite albums or songs to the home screens for easy access.

If you want to change up your music playing experience, you can find Apollo in the Play Store through the source link. Let us know what you think!

Joshua Vergara
Josh's primary role at Android Authority is as a YouTube host and reviewer, though he's been known to write features, record podcasts, and more.