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Custom ROM projects have lost some of their popularity lately, but that doesn’t mean the community has stopped tinkering with ROMs entirely. CyanogenMod remains very much active and the team just released the first “snapshot” release based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: CM 13.0 Release 1.

To clarify, snapshots are releases that are deemed stable enough for the public, as opposed to nightly releases, which are only recommended to experts and enthusiasts. The first nightlies based on Marshmallow have popped up all the way back in November, but now we finally have a snapshot, or in CM terminology, a Release (note the capital R).

CyanogenMod 13.0 Release 1 brings all the notable Marshmallow features, including Doze mode and the new permissions model, as well as CyanogenMod-specific features, old and new. That said, some features that you may know from older CM versions are gone, and there are also a couple of new issues pertaining to how you install the update.

Full installation instructions are available in this blog post. If you’re already running a CM 13.0 nightly, you will need to wipe your device before flashing Release 1. Also, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 9 users will need to go through an extra step (flashing the vendor image) due to the way Google partitions code in the latest Android version.

The biggest new features mentioned in the official change log are a new screen to show memory usage over time, fingerprint support for accessing protected content, the replacement of the Qualcomm-based messaging app with the AOSP-based equivalent, and changes to Privacy Guard. Notably, several CM features were removed because Google included them in AOSP. As announced in January, the Whisperpush secure messaging app has also been dropped from the package.

CM 13.0 Release 1 includes the March security updates, and, according to community manager Abhisek Devkota, we should expect new Releases on a monthly pace.

Download links for dozens of devices are available on the CyanogenMod download page. Happy flashing!

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