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Do we have any fans of CyanogenMod nightlies around here? How about HTC One M9 owners? Well, we are bearing good news for you today. It’s always nice to hear a new device is enjoying nightly support from the most popular 3rd-party ROM around, so today we are glad to let you know HTC‘s flagship phone has just started getting this treat.

The CyanogenMod team has uploaded the new files to their downloads page and now you can explore the nightly adventure with your shiny HTC One M9. Just head over to the website, download the software and install it.

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By the way, remember that tinkering with your smartphone could be dangerous. You might end up with a bricked device. And to make matters worse, these procedures may void your warranty, leaving you in the dark if something goes wrong. Be careful and do your research!

Also – what the heck are nightlies?! These are considered experimental versions of a software that is under development. The CyanogenMod team will continue to update the code and upload the updated software on a daily basis.

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Users will be at the bleeding edge of the software’s advancement, and they will get to test all those nifty new features before others, but this does come with its repercussions. ROM nightlies are not for the faint of heart; you are likely to encounter bugs, which is why I really wouldn’t recommend this software to anyone who wants reliable stability.

Those who are adventurous will love playing around with CyanogenMod 21.1 nightlies, though! How many of you have been waiting for this to happen?