cyanogen 12 lollipop

In an official blog post, the CyanogenMod team announced that CM 12.1 nightly builds are rolling out starting today. While this is actually a week later than the CM team originally anticipated, it’s better to be late than never.

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For those that already are rocking CM 12.0 official builds, you’ll be able to install the new Android 5.1-based nightlies on top of them, though the CM team notes you’ll need to manually update third party add-on zips, which means finding Android 5.1 compatible gaps and installing them. As always, early builds like this are subject to bugs and other glitches, so download at your own risk.

In a related note, the CyanogenMod team also used the blog post to clarify that Microsoft apps may be coming to devices with Cyanogen OS pre-loaded, but this won’t affect CyanogenMod users in any way.

Your nightlies will not see a sudden influx of Microsoft applications – you can put the pitchforks down. CyanogenMod has historically stayed neutral on your services of choice, whether you use Google, Amazon or Fdroid; we leave that decision to you and we have no intention of changing that

As soon as the updated CM 12.1 nightlies start surfacing, you’ll be able to download them from here.

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