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Reports are coming in that Cyanogen and OnePlus have resumed the rollout of the Cyanogen 12 OTA (Lollipop) for the OnePlus One.

Following more than a few delays, the OnePlus One began receiving its much-anticipated update to Lollipop last week. However, by Monday this week, the rollout of the update was halted, ostensibly to add a new feature to the firmware, detection of the “Okay, OnePlus” hotword. Many have doubted the sanity of stopping a long-delayed rollout just to add a small new feature, and it seems that the doubters were right.

According to Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik, commenting on the OnePlus forums, the actual reason for the pause was to fix some serious bugs:

“The reasons why we stopped the initial rollout are because of a problem updating encrypted devices from 11 to 12, and a couple of bugs that we felt were critical enough to fix before continuing (mms/telephony/themes). We also had an error in our production build environment that broke voice wakeup.”

Apparently, said bugs have been fixed now, and the rollout can now resume; users who already received the initial CM 12 build (YNG1TAS0YL) will receive a small OTA for the aforementioned bugs. Users still on CM 11 will soon receive a preparatory update of about 8MB that’s mandatory for encrypted devices, followed immediately by the full CM 12 update (YNG1TAS17L).

As usual, the OTA file for the CM 12 (YNG1TAS17L) update is available for download and manual installation. You can get it from here and flash it for yourself, provided you’re on the latest version of CM11.

As for the “Okay, OnePlus” feature, once you get the update, you can activate it from Settings>Language and Input>Voice Wakeup.

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