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It’s no secret that Samsung isn’t having the best of years. Between a disastrous 3rd quarter earnings report and the less-than-great performance of the Galaxy S5, Samsung really needs to hit the ball out of the park with the next-gen Galaxy S. The good news is that Samsung may finally be taking the (somewhat arguable) decline of the Galaxy S line seriously.

We’ve heard Samsung promise massive changes to its line-up before only to see nothing more than minor revisions to the same old Samsung formula, but perhaps things will finally be different this time around. For one thing, Samsung is now experimenting with metal, for another — they really want and need a hit with the GS6. So what exactly is Samsung doing differently? If a new rumor proves correct, the answer is that they are creating a very different form factor and design when compared to Galaxy S devices of the past.

GS6 will allegedly offer a curved edges that are much more subtle than what's found on the Note Edge.

GS6 will allegedly offer a curved edges that are subtler than what’s found on the Note Edge.

Earlier this month we caught wind of a rumor that Samsung may end up creating an Edge variant of the GS6, though there were some rumblings about whether this report was accurate or not. If the Italian blog Samsung HD Blog is right however, it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a display that curves on both sides, but it won’t be to the dramatic degree we saw with the Galaxy Note Edge’s single edge. The reason for this is that Samsung wants to prevent some of the gripability issues seen with the Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a display that curves on both sides, but it won’t be to the dramatic degree we saw with the Galaxy Note Edge

Even more intriguing, this feature will allegedly be standard with the Galaxy S6 and not a special variant. Furthermore, the phone will feature a metallic unibody design. We have to admit that this sounds like a pretty unique device that could bring Samsung the attention it’s looking for, but how plausible is this rumor?

Is this rumor even possible?

Honestly, while we wouldn’t be shocked to see a variant with a unibody design and a curved display, it seems pretty improbable to think Samsung would be able to pull this off for all GS6 units shipped. After all, there have been whispers about how Samsung ran into QA issues with its recent metal-clad Galaxy devices, and these devices don’t require the same level of production volume that the GS6 will. It also seems highly unlikely Samsung would be able to produce enough curved displays to go around.

That said, we wouldn’t say that this rumor is impossible, we just wouldn’t get your hopes up. Perhaps Samsung merely is planning to brand this model the “Galaxy S6” and will have a ‘cheaper’ plastic model that it will push as an alternative to help alleviate any supply and demand issues? Only time will tell for sure.

What do you think of this rumor? IF it comes to pass, do you think such a device would do well in the market, as long as Samsung downplays the curved display to a point where it doesn’t get in the way? Conversely, do you think it’s impossible for Samsung to pull off such a dramatic change? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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