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We asked, you told us: Here's how happy you are with your current phone

A lot of you are still very happy with old phones.

Published onJune 14, 2021

Smartphone makers are always bringing out the latest and greatest hardware in the form of new devices. It’s understandable why many people may get attracted by the new specs and features that phones have to offer. However, not everyone needs to or can afford to upgrade to the latest phones and keep pace with new launches. It’s more than likely that many of you are happy with your current device and will use it for longer than its upgrade cycle. It’s also possible that some of you are stuck with much older hardware that’s not as fast as you’d like it to be. Your aged phone might also no longer be a candidate for regular software updates.

Keeping this in mind, we thought of asking you, our readers, just how happy you are with your current smartphones. Here’s how you voted in our poll.

How happy are you with your current phone?


We received a total of 4,098 votes on our smartphone happiness poll. 45% of the respondents said they are very happy with their current phones and are not looking to upgrade. Another 36% voted to say that they are happy with their phones but might upgrade for the right device.

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Meanwhile, 8% of the respondents voted to express that they are unhappy with their existing phones and are looking to upgrade soon. 11% voted to say they can’t afford or justify a new phone.

Your comments

tmana: Motorola Z3. Was supposed to have upgraded to Android 10, then the manufacturer reneged on the upgrade. Struggling with basics (rent/electric/Internet); can’t afford to drop $$$ on current-Android-version, 5G device.

AnySmarterIdRunLinux: S8+. SDCard and 3.5mm. No gimmicks. Want to upgrade now but waiting for a better phone. Fast charging, refresh rates, and punch holes do not qualify. Expandable storage is what made me choose android over iPhone 10 years ago.

Leon: Sony Xperia 1 II. Headphone jack with great audio, Sd card support, incredible pro camera mode I love using to capture RAW photos with, incredible screen, front-facing speakers, no notch or cut-out camera, plenty of internal storage, and beautifully simple design which also makes it easier to hold than most phones. It’s the dream phone I didn’t think would ever get made. The mark 3 has only little things I’m not so bothered about.

Ahmed AbuBakr: Right now I’m stuck with HUAWEI P40 (company phone).
It is a really good device, but my GOD I just can’t deal with no Google services, I tried. Soon will get something else.

Wongwatt: I’ve literally upgraded this week, ZenFone 8 256/8 silver after HUAWEI’s last update broke GSpace. But by that I mean I bought a new phone in full because contract phones make very little sense in the UK.

Alvin Yankey: I’m on an LG V30, moved over to a custom ROM Lineage OS 18.1. very happy with it, but I think I’ll get a new phone with at least a 90hz display.

Luuta: OPPO/RealMe has now let me down twice. No promised update to the next version of Android, even when the phone I got didn’t arrive until a year after ordering when the OS was already redundant. And with OPPO, not a single security update either. Talk about instant obsolescence. Without Lineage and its predecessor, I would have been red hot with fury. Android 11 should have landed on my phone last December, then April, and still waiting. Android 12 is now due out and looks like RealMe won’t update my phone to that, so it’s another instantly obsolete phone, in respect of security. So, I buy cheaper and try to pick a phone Lineage is likely to support, because you can’t rely on any of them to sell you a phone that loses its value to scrap metal prices within 10 months.

indtram: With flagship prices starting at $1000 and with pandemic…don’t know about job status….want to upgrade but really can’t afford at this time…Phones are becoming too expensive!

Updesh Srivastava: S8 don’t wanna upgrade, would have been more happy if it would have received Android 10, still going great.

Joe Black: Surprisingly happy, but if the Pixel 6 will get new cameras, I am jumping the shark in an instant.

Bert Gregory: One+ 8 5G UV. This was my first non-Pixel phone since the Nexus 4. Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 looked so underwhelming I thought I’d check the One+ out. Very happy with the phone. The photos are almost as good as my Pixel 3 XL was. I’ll compare the Pixel 6 with the One+ 9 when they’re both out. I’ll likely check out some of the other high-quality photo phones at the same time including the Sony Xperia series.

Montisaquadeis: Note 10+ NON 5G model here and it’s been working perfectly for me heck I would still be on either my Note 3 or 4 if we didn’t change carriers so freaking often.

TheOracle: vivo Nex S. It’s the longest I’ve kept a phone and it’s still excellent after almost 3 years without a glitch. I’ll likely upgrade to a Xiaomi Mi 10t soon only because I want a bigger battery, 5G, and MIUI’s Second Space. Yeah, I know it’s 8 months old but my vivo has taught me that an older flagship is a very viable option.

Drew Smith: S21 plus here. I love everything about this phone, especially the camera. Don’t see any reason to upgrade for quite some time

Tony Talks: I have an iPhone 11 Pro and I love it for the updates, good display, battery life, performance, and most importantly the size. This is among the smallest modern phone that can last years. Have no plans on buying another phone for at least another year.

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