It’s time for another ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’, where we highlight some of the best tech funding campaigns in websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We know you don’t have time to look through hundreds of campaigns, so we bring the best of the best to your attention.

Other featured campaigns:

Today we are taking a look at LIVALL, a smart cycling helmet that should make your rides smarter, safer, funner and much more interactive. First an foremost, it is a good helmet, in and of itself. It comes in multiple iterations, varying in both size and colors. And be sure they will keep you secure, as they come with global certifications and have been put through impact tests to ensure quality protection. Not to mention the adjuster, which will make sure the helmet fits firmly on any head.

But of course, the LIVALL is much more than a helmet made for protection. It is as smart as a cycling helmet can get, featuring some very unique capabilities. For starters, the integrated speakers allow you to answer calls, listen to music and communicate with other LIVALL users via walkie talkie. These don’t cover the ear, so they won’t block out external sound either.


Of course, all of these functions can be controlled from a small remote, which mounts on your handle bar. You could even use it to trigger your smartphone camera and control your helmet’s signals. Because it does have signals and a warning light that will alert drivers of your presence and intentions! This is actually my favorite feature of the bunch. Meanwhile, the app will keep record of your heart rate and alert your preset emergency contacts if you fall and stay inactive for 90 seconds.

Interested? Avid bikers will probably be, and it will be nice to learn it isn’t too expensive of a product, considering good cycling helmets can get pretty pricey. You can get a LIVALL helmet by backing the Indiegogo campaign with as low as $99. Who is signing up?

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