The ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’ is where we bring you the hottest campaigns from websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We go through all the tech gadgets and highlight one every Sunday so you don’t have to look through endless lists of projects. Shall we take a look at today’s featured project?

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Does your 2-wheel vehicle need to be smart? Maybe we are trying to find a solution where there doesn’t need to be one. Why build smart bikes, motorcycles or scooters when we all carry powerful machines that can turn any experience into a smart one? This is exactly by GObyLIVI products try to accomplish; they harness the power of your smartphone to make for a better ride.

The GObyLIVI experience is divided into multiple components. They offer the GOMINI, GOHEADSET and GOHELMET. You don’t have to get them all, but the main product is the GOMINI, which is powered by the official GObyLIVI app.

The GOMINI is a little screen that attaches to your handlebar. It offers notifications and quick access to a plethora of simple functions. This handy little gadget can start calls, answer/reject calls, navigate, control music and show notifications. It is all really cool stuff, but functionality doesn’t end there. In fact, this thing can get pretty darn smart.

GObyLIVI’s app can use the phone’s gyroscope to detect crashes and falls; then it could send notifications to your emergency contacts. Have you been biking too much? The app will also warn you that you should take a break, as fatigue is a predominant cause of accidents. Get this – GObyLIVI will even detect your speed and tell you if you are going over the speed limit in supported streets!

Interested? I am considering getting one for my motorcycle, mostly for the speed alerts and music controls. Those also interested can check out the Kickstarter page and sign up for GObyLIVI with as low as 590 Swedish Krona, which equates to about $67.

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