It’s time for another ‘Crowdfunding project of the week”, where we highlight the hottest projects from sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This one goes to my fellow motorcycle riders as they make their way back home safe this Sunday afternoon. Today’s featured campaign will keep you visible and your family at peace. Want to learn more? Let’s look into it.

Other featured projects:

The rumble of a motor, tremoring pavement and piercing wind are addictive. Motorcycles are a symbol of freedom and pleasure, but they also represent a dangerous lifestyle. Riding requires attention, but not only from you; also from people you share the road with. This is why we buy things like reflective material, extra lights and louder pipes. It’s important to help other notice us.

Enter Cosmo Connected, a smart brake light that easily attaches to the back of any helmet. The location is important. Riders will know it’s always better to keep your head as visible as possible, as it is closer to driver eye level. Simply stick the magnetic base to the back of the helmet, then you are ready to mount the brake light.

Of course, the Cosmo Connected’s main purpose is to light up when decelerating. This is done with the use of a gyroscope, which means it works with gravity and inertia, making it functional even when motor braking. The team promises this will work flawlessly for up to 8 hours per charge, but there’s more to this little device.

Staying safe and visible is only part of this gadget’s functionality. Every time we mount the saddle there is a chance of an accident. We take the risk and hope we will be ready when the moment comes. And when it does happen, what happens right after an accident is critical and can make all the difference.

Cosmo Connected detects accidents and links to a smartphone app to get you help as soon as possible. The application will immediately alert a roadside assistance service. An operator will try to reach out to the rider and send help to his GPS coordinates if there is no answer. All within 3 minutes. The user can also select a number of personal contacts to be alerted in case of an accident.

Interested? Cosmo Connected starts shipping this July and can be had for as low as 99 Euros (about $108 USD) from Kickstarter. That’s not a bad price for the added security and peace of mind. Are there any fellow riders out there? Say hi and tell me what you think of this product. I would consider buying it, but do wonder how well the gyroscope system actually works. It’s a great concept, though.

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