Hipster Whale may have outdone themselves with this one. The company has just released an update to their massively popular (and massively frustrating) Frogger-like game Crossy Road. But this is no small update. We’re getting full four-player multiplayer, and yes, there is player collision.

Yeah, just let that little detail sink in. The game is multiplayer over WiFi networks, so you and three of your soon-to-be enraged friends can sit in the same room playing on your individual devices while a competitive maelstrom of roadkill fury takes place simultaneously across all of them. While you technically are awarded more points if everybody stays alive, the temptation is overwhelming to stand in a gap and stare down your desperate, road-stuck friend with soulless, pixelated eyes.

Still, respawning means multiplayer rounds can potentially last much longer (and become more intense) than single-player rounds. After a brief stint in the afterlife, roadkill players will be revived. The round ends if everyone is ever dead all at once.

iPhone owners will have to wait until May to get this update, but for Android players it’s already live and in the Play Store. If you have any friendships you’re looking to end, click the button below to get started with Crossy Road’s multiplayer.

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